The Wryter Cup between the PGS and our French counterparts in the Association Presse du Golf began in 1991, largely through the efforts of former PGS secretary Ian Doran. Scroll down for full results of recent matches.

2020 – Not played
2019 – APG (20-12) Carnoustie
2018 – APG (241/2-71/2) Chantilly
2017 – PGS (161/2-151/2) Royal Portrush
2016 – PGS (17-15) Le Touquet
2015 – TIED (16-16) Royal Portrush
2014 – APG (181/2-131/2) Chantaco
2013 – PGS (20-12) Royal Porthcawl
2012 – APG (221/2-91/2) Le Golf National
2011 – APG (17-15) Royal Porthcawl
2010 – APG (23-9) Sperone, Corsica
2009 – APG (22-10) Deal
2008 – APG (191/2-121/2) La Baule
2007 – TIED (16-16) Castletown IoM
2006 – PGS (17-15) Les Bordes

2005 – PGS (20-12) Deal
2004 – PGS (18-14) Kingsbarns
2003 – PGS (19-13) Hardelot
2002 – APG (17-15) Biarritz
2001 – APG (91/2-61/2) MATCH SHORTENED Dale Hill
2000 – APG (181/2-131/2) Bordeaux
1999 – PGS (171/2-141/2) Chart Hills
1998 – PGS (171/ -141/2) Hardelot
1997 – PGS (18-14) East Sussex
1996 – APG (17-15) Hardelot
1995 – PGS (181/2-131/2) London GC
1994 – APG (191/2-121/2) Hardelot
1993 – PGS (19-13) Wentworth
1992 – PGS (121/2-111/2) Hardelot
1991 – APG (20-12) Hardelot

Carnoustie 2019: PGS 12, APG 20

Foursomes (Buddon Course) PGS 2½ APG 5½

Jonny Bramley and Brian Lee v Jean-Jacques Brehier and Edouard Combette L2&1
Jon Jones and Ian Woods v Damien Houles and Guillaume Michel L2&1
Jamie Weir and Ben Monro-Davies v Remi Meyer and Frederic Stevens L1DN
Tim Allan and Roderick Easdale v Jean-Louis Aragon and Didier Largillier W6&4
Jono Baker and Colin Hancock v Laurent Louet and Alex Campi Halved
Felix Duckworth and Jim Murray v Francois Scimeca and Davide Baroudh W3&2
Dylan Dronfield  and Khalid Javed v Nicolas Doucet and Gilles Payet L1DN
Peter Solomons and Andy Glen v Christophe Lassault and Guillaume Baraise L3&1

Fourballs (Burnside) PGS 4 APG 4

Dylan Dronfield and Jonny Bramley v Damien Houles and Jean-Jacques Brehier L2&1
Ben Monro-Davies and Brian Lee v Guillaume Michel and Remi Meyer L1DN
Peter Solomons and Jono Baker v Edouard Combette and Didier Largillier L4&3
Ian Woods and Jim Murray v Jean-Louis Aragon and Frederic Stevens W1UP
Tim Allan and Colin Hancock v Francois Scimeca and Laurent Louet L 1DN
Felix Duckworth and Khalid Javed v Alex Campi and Gilles Payet W4&3
Andy Glen and Roderick Easdale v Nicolas Doucet and Christophe Lassault W 3&2
Jamie Weir and Jon Jones v Guillaume Baraise and David Baroudh W6&5

Singles (Championship) PGS 5½  APG 10½

Khalid Javed v Damien Houles W5&4
Jon Jones v Nicolas Doucet L5&3
Dylan Dronfield v Jean-Jacques Brehier W6&5
Ben Monro-Davies v Edouard Combette W5&4
Jim Murray v Remi Meyer L4&3
Roderick Easdale v Christophe Lassault L2DN
Felix Duckworth v Francois Scimeca Halved
Jonny Bramley v Laurent Louet L1DN
Peter Solomons v Guillaume Baraise L5&4
Tim Allan v Alex Campi L6&5
Ian Woods v Gilles Payet W4&3
Jono Baker v Davide Baroudh L4&3
Colin Hancock v Jean-Louis Aragon W4&2
Andy Glen v Didier Largillier L3&1
Jamie Weir v Guillaume Michel L 5&4
Brian Lee v Frederic Stevens L 2&1

Chantilly 2018:  APG 24½, PGS 7½

Foursomes APG 6½, PGS 1½

Jean Marc L’Henoret/Didier Largillier v  Jonny Bramley/Ian Woods L2&1
Alexis Duclos/Alexandre Campi v Steve Lewis/Keith Malone L1DN
Jean Louis Aragon/Davide Baroudh v Ross Slater/Khalid Javed L6&5
Jean Jacques Brehier/Edouard Cambette v Tim Allan and Dylan Dronfield L5&4
Remi Meyer/Tomas Desson v Rob Hewer and Tony Smith W6&5
Damien Houles/Philippe Millereau v Simon Taylor/Felix Duckworth L5&4
Francois Scimeca/Guillaume Baraise v Patrick Eagar/Paul Trow L2&1
Christophe Lassault/Guillaume Michel v Andy Glen/Colin Hancock Halved

Fourballs APG 6, PGS 2

Jean Marc L’Henoret/Alexis Duclos v Ian Woods/Ross Slater L2&1
Alexandre Campi/Davide Baroudh v Jonny Bramley/Dylan Dronfield W4&3
Jean Louis Aragon/Didier Largillier v Rob Hewer/Steve Lewis L1DN
Jean Jacques Brehier/Remi Meyer v Keith Malone/Felix Duckworth L2&1
Edouard Cambette/Thomas Desson v Patrick Eagar/Simon Taylor L3&1
Damien Houles/Francois Scimeca v Andy Glen/Tony Smith W1UP
Guillaume Michel/Guillaume Baraise v Paul Trow/Khalid Javed L6&5
Christophe Lassaud/Philippe Millereau v Tim Allan/Colin Hancock L2&1

Singles APG 12, PGS 4

Steve Lewis v Guillaume Baraise L2&1
Tony Smith v Jean Jacques Brehier L4&2
Dylan Dronfield b Guillaume Michel L2DN
Andy Glen v Remi Meyer L2DN
Rob Hewer v Jean Marc L’Henoret L2&1
Ross Slater v Alexandre Campi L4&3
Ian Woods v Philippe Millereau W3&2
Keith Malone v Christophe Lassaud W1UP
Felix Duckworth v Thomas Desson W1UP
Tim Allan v Alexis Duclos W3&2
Colin Hancock v Didier Largillier L6&5
Patrick Eagar v Davide Baroudh L7&5
Khalid Javed v Jean Louis Aragon L5&4
Simon Taylor v Damien Houles L3&1
Paul Trow v Francois Scimeca L1DN

Royal Portrush 2017: PGS 16½, APG 15½

Foursomes PGS 3½, APG 4½

Jean Marc L’Henoret/Remi Gouriou v Dylan Dronfield/Ian McIlgorm W 1UP
Ludovic Pont/Alan Geslin v Jonny Bramley/Ian Woods W 2&1
Gilles Payet/Arnaud Mulpas v Tim Allan/Steve Lewis Halved
Jean Jacques Brehier/Remi Meyer v Brian Lee/Rob Hewer L 3&2
Jean Louis Aragon/Didier Largillier v Bryan Nickless/Chris Stevens W 2&1
Guillaume Michel/Frederic Stevens v Nic Brook/Paolo Minoli L 6&5
Romain Schneider/Guillaume Baraise v Andy Glen/Keith Malone L 5&4
Francois Scimeca/Damien Houles v Colin Hancock/Khalid Javed L 3&2

Fourballs PGS 5½, APG 2½

Jean Marc L’Henoret/Alan Geslin v Ian McIlgorm/Steve Lewis W4&3
Remi Gourious/Arnaud Mulpas v Dylan Dronfield/Ian Woods Halved
Jean Louis Aragon/Jean Jacques Brehier v Jonny Bramley/Brian Lee L2&1
Gilles Payet/Didier Largillier v Tim Allan/Rob Hewer W1UP
Frederic Stevens/Remi Meyer v Nic Brook/Chris Stevens W7&6
Guillaume Michel/Romain Schneider v Bryan Nickless/Keith Malone W2&1
Ludovic Pont/Guillaume Baraise v Paolo Minoli/Khalid Javed L 2DN
Francois Scimeca/Damien Houles v Andy Glen/Colin Hancock W 4&2

Singles PGS 7½, APG 8½

Frederic Stevens v Ian McIlgorm W4&3
Alan Geslin v Chris Stevens L4&3
Remi Meyer v Steve Lewis L5&4
Jean Marc L’Henoret v Nic Brook Halved
Arnaud Mulpas v Ian Woods W6&4
Remi Gouriou v Dylan Dronfield W4&3
Jean Louis Aragon v Jonny Bramley L3&1
Didier Langillier v Brian Lee Halved
Gilles Payet v Tim Allan W3&2
Jean Jacques Brehier v Rob Hewer L1DN
Guillaume Michel v Bryan Nickless Halved
Romain Schneider v Colin Hancock L3&2
Guillaume Baraise v Keith Malone L1DN
Francois Scimeca v Andy Glen W1UP
Damien Houles v Paolo Minoli L3&2
Ludovic Pont v Khalid Javed W1UP