Nev’s a natural at Walton Heath

Nev Appleton took the top prize at President’s Day at wonderful Walton Heath with an equally wonderful 41 points around the Old Course. Besides winning Division Two, he also claimed the foursomes prize in the afternoon with his partner Neil Percival.

Andrew Porter took the Division One honours with 37 points.

The day is sponsored by our President, Philippa Kennedy and we are very grateful for her support.

The players in bold won the Reg Hinder Memorial Trophy, which was presented at President’s Day from 1998. Click here to see the pre-1998 winners.

2021 – Andrew Porter D1, Nev Appleton D2
2020 – Lee Smith (No President’s Day due to Covid)
2019 – Jim Murray D1, Jeff Randall D2
2018 – Rob Hewer D1, Adam Hunt D2
2017 – Brent Dornford D1, Chris Cutmore D2
2016 – Rob Hewer D1, Paul Trow D2
2015 – Hayley Barlow D1, Jono Baker D2
2014 – Mark Lomas D1, Khalid Javed D2
2013 – Laura Cork D1, Chris Murphy D2
2012 – Jonny Bramley D1, Paul Sherwood D2
2011 – Phil Leach D1, Ian Doran D2
2010 – Hugh Whittow D1, Rick Evans D2
2009 – Nick Cherrie D1, Ian Woods D2
2008 – Paolo Minoli D1, Tom Crone D2
2007 – Hayley Barlow D1, Bob Hayes D2
2006 – Chris Murray D1, Thierry Bollack D2
2005 – Hayley BarlowH D1, Ian Doran D2
2004 – Kevin Price D1, Chester Stern D2
2003 – Tom Clarke D1, Philippa Kennedy D2
2002 – Keith Ging D1, Geoff Wheeler D2

2001 – Hayley Barlow D1, Rick Evans D2
2000 – Hayley Barlow D1, Paul Carter D2
1999 – Chris Stevens D1, Steve McKenlay D2
**1998 – Kevin Price D1, Rick Evans D2
1997 – Stan Kelley D1, Vyvyan Harmsworth D2
1996 – Bryan Nickless*
1995 – Phil Hall*
1994 – Patrick Eagar*
1993 – A Hendry*
1992 – B Maclagan D1, Geoff Wheeler D2
1991 – Stan Kelley D1, David Emery D2
1990 – Patrick Eagar D1, J Grant D2
1989 – J Margetts D1, Patrick Eagar D2
1988 – P Inglis D1, Norman Dixon D2
1987 – Peter Dazeley D1, D Woodward D2
1986 – Peter Dazeley D1, Jeremy Chapman D2
1985 – Vic Woodman D1, B Martin D2
1984 – Paul Trow D1 J Margetts D2

**Reg Hinder Trophy only awarded at President’s Day from 1998
*No divisions operated