Ian Woods’ brave PGS team crashed to Wryter Cup defeat against a French team who made sure they had every advantage.

The 24.5-7.5 scoreline – sadly, a record defeat in the 26-year history of the competition – does not reflect the brilliant spirit within the PGS team.

The French play Chantilly twice a year in their society meetings and benefitted, as usual, from the slope system of handicapping.

The full scores are below, but the success of a trip is not measured by victory alone. We stayed in wonderful surroundings, ate and drank magnificently, and enjoyed playing a superb golf course.

The spirit between the two sides was as good as anyone can remember. As rookie Ross Slater put it: “If that’s how much fun we have when we lose, I can’t wait to be on the winning side.”

Woodsie was a great captain and we looked resplendent in our Coventry City light blue and Irish green shirts.

Sorry we couldn’t bring it home for you, skipper – but we’ll have them at Carnoustie next year!

Chantilly 2018:  APG 24½, PGS 7½

Foursomes: APG 6½, PGS 1½

Jean Marc L’Henoret/Didier Largillier v  Jonny Bramley/Ian Woods L2&1
Alexis Duclos/Alexandre Campi v Steve Lewis/Keith Malone L1DN
Jean Louis Aragon/Davide Baroudh v Ross Slater/Khalid Javed L6&5
Jean Jacques Brehier/Edouard Cambette v Tim Allan and Dylan Dronfield L5&4
Remi Meyer/Tomas Desson v Rob Hewer and Tony Smith W6&5
Damien Houles/Philippe Millereau v Simon Taylor/Felix Duckworth L5&4
Francois Scimeca/Guillaume Baraise v Patrick Eagar/Paul Trow L2&1
Christophe Lassault/Guillaume Michel v Andy Glen/Colin Hancock Halved

Fourballs: APG 6, PGS 2

Jean Marc L’Henoret/Alexis Duclos v Ian Woods/Ross Slater L2&1
Alexandre Campi/Davide Baroudh v Jonny Bramley/Dylan Dronfield W4&3
Jean Louis Aragon/Didier Largillier v Rob Hewer/Steve Lewis L1DN
Jean Jacques Brehier/Remi Meyer v Keith Malone/Felix Duckworth L2&1
Edouard Cambette/Thomas Desson v Patrick Eagar/Simon Taylor L3&1
Damien Houles/Francois Scimeca v Andy Glen/Tony Smith W1UP
Guillaume Michel/Guillaume Baraise v Paul Trow/Khalid Javed L6&5
Christophe Lassaud/Philippe Millereau v Tim Allan/Colin Hancock L2&1

Singles: APG 12, PGS 4

Steve Lewis v Guillaume Baraise L2&1
Tony Smith v Jean Jacques Brehier L4&2
Dylan Dronfield b Guillaume Michel L2DN
Andy Glen v Remi Meyer L2DN
Rob Hewer v Jean Marc L’Henoret L2&1
Ross Slater v Alexandre Campi L4&3
Ian Woods v Philippe Millereau W3&2
Keith Malone v Christophe Lassaud W1UP
Felix Duckworth v Thomas Desson W1UP
Tim Allan v Alexis Duclos W3&2
Colin Hancock v Didier Largillier L6&5
Patrick Eagar v Davide Baroudh L7&5
Khalid Javed v Jean Louis Aragon L5&4
Simon Taylor v Damien Houles L3&1
Paul Trow v Francois Scimeca L1DN