Khalid Javed’s tartan troubadors were no match for their French rivals at Carnoustie in the 29th Wryter Cup.

PGS captain Khalid had made no secret of his passionate desire to win back the Cup we lost in spectacular fashion last year at Chantilly.

But even his inspirational team talks could not produce the victory we all craved at the toughest course in the UK.


Khalid said: “We tried our best but it wasn’t meant to be. The French put out a very strong team and they have some great players.

“I’m very proud of the team and it was a privilege to be their captain.”

At the end of the first day foursomes and fourballs, played over the Buddon and Burnside courses, the PGS trailed by three points.

That meant Khalid had no choice but to front-load his singles team for the final day challenge over the brutal Championship course.

But the French, shrugging off the memories of Jean Van de Velde’s infamous capitulation at the 18th in the 1999 Open, proved too tough. They eventually closed out victory to win 20-12.

Carnoustie 2019: PGS 12, APG 20

Foursomes (Buddon Course): PGS 2½ APG 5½

Jonny Bramley and Brian Lee v Jean-Jacques Brehier and Edouard Combette L2&1
Jon Jones and Ian Woods v Damien Houles and Guillaume Michel L2&1
Jamie Weir and Ben Monro-Davies v Remi Meyer and Frederic Stevens L1DN
Tim Allan and Roderick Easdale v Jean-Louis Aragon and Didier Largillier W6&4
Jono Baker and Colin Hancock v Laurent Louet and Alex Campi Halved
Felix Duckworth and Jim Murray v Francois Scimeca and Davide Baroudh W3&2
Dylan Dronfield  and Khalid Javed v Nicolas Doucet and Gilles Payet L1DN
Peter Solomons and Andy Glen v Christophe Lassault and Guillaume Baraise L3&1

Fourballs (Burnside): PGS 4 APG 4

Dylan Dronfield and Jonny Bramley v Damien Houles and Jean-Jacques Brehier L2&1
Ben Monro-Davies and Brian Lee v Guillaume Michel and Remi Meyer L1DN
Peter Solomons and Jono Baker v Edouard Combette and Didier Largillier L4&3
Ian Woods and Jim Murray v Jean-Louis Aragon and Frederic Stevens W1UP
Tim Allan and Colin Hancock v Francois Scimeca and Laurent Louet L 1DN
Felix Duckworth and Khalid Javed v Alex Campi and Gilles Payet W4&3
Andy Glen and Roderick Easdale v Nicolas Doucet and Christophe Lassault W 3&2
Jamie Weir and Jon Jones v Guillaume Baraise and David Baroudh W6&5

Singles (Championship): PGS 5½  APG 10½

Khalid Javed v Damien Houles W5&4
Jon Jones v Nicolas Doucet L5&3
Dylan Dronfield v Jean-Jacques Brehier W6&5
Ben Monro-Davies v Edouard Combette W5&4
Jim Murray v Remi Meyer L4&3
Roderick Easdale v Christophe Lassault L2DN
Felix Duckworth v Francois Scimeca Halved
Jonny Bramley v Laurent Louet L1DN
Peter Solomons v Guillaume Baraise L5&4
Tim Allan v Alex Campi L6&5
Ian Woods v Gilles Payet W4&3
Jono Baker v Davide Baroudh L4&3
Colin Hancock v Jean-Louis Aragon W4&2
Andy Glen v Didier Largillier L3&1
Jamie Weir v Guillaume Michel L 5&4
Brian Lee v Frederic Stevens L 2&1