Dylan Dronfield’s PGS team sealed a dramatic 17-15 Wryter Cup win at the wonderful Royal Liverpool Golf Club.

Hoylake has hosted some sensational Open Championships, including wins for Rory McIlory and Tiger Woods, but the two-day Wryter Cup was just as tense as any of those.

After romping away with the singles on day one, the PGS led by 11-5 overnight – just five and a half points short of victory.

But the French won the first five foursomes matches on day two to ensure a nail-biting finish. Even when the PGS took the final three foursomes matches, it was clear this would go to the wire in the afternoon fourballs.

And sure enough it did, with Roderick Easdale and John Quinn eventually guaranteeing the PGS victory by going dormy on the 17th, after the pairings of Felix Duckworth and Andrew Porter, and Tim Allan and Nic Brook, had earned a point each. Rodders and John went on to claim a 2up triumph by winning the 18th.

Felix was the undoubted hero of the team, winning three points, but every player claimed at least a point in what was truly a team achievement.

Skipper Dylan said: “It was all a bit tense in the foursomes and the fourballs but I’m so pleased we got the job done. I had a great team and they’ve done me and the PGS proud.”

Huge thanks to Hoylake member Nic Brook, who was instrumental in getting the Wryter Cup there; to the French team, led by Christophe Lassaut, for turning up despite the Covid restrictions and fully embracing the spirit of the competition; and to all the staff and members at Royal Liverpool., who made us feel so welcome from the minute we arrived until the minute we left. We are very grateful indeed and it was a privilege to play your magnificent course and to feel very much part of your club for the time we were there.

Royal Liverpool 2021: PGS 17, APG 15

Singles: PGS 11, APG 5

Jonny Bramley v Francois Scimeca W2&1
Nic Brook v Nicolas Doucet W5&4
Dylan Dronfield v Damien Houles W2&1
Roderick Easdale v Guillaume Baraise L7&6
Nev Appleton v Christophe Lassaut Halved
Lee Smith v Remi Meyer Halved
Andrew Porter v Francois Lanaud L3&2
Ben Monro-Davies v Jean Francois Dessaint W3&2
Tim Allan v Gilles Payet W7&6
Russell Dewey v Pierre Chaudesaygues W2&1
John Quinn v Didier Largillier W4&2
Dean Scoggins v Alan Geslin L5&4
Mark Lomas v Tristan Vey W2&1
Duncan Farmer v Alex Campi Halved
Felix Duckworth v Remi Gouriou W3&2
Khalid Javed v Laurent Louet Halved

Foursomes: PGS 3, APG 5

Nev Appleton & Jonny Bramley v Christophe Lassaut & Jean Francois Dessaint L4&2
Dylan Dronfield & Ben Monro-Davies v Nicolas Doucet & Damien Houles L5&4
Lee Smith & Nic Brook v Francois Scimeca & Guillaume Baraise L1DN
Russell Dewey & John Quinn v Remi Meyer & Francois Lanaud L
Tim Allan & Roderick Easdale v Tristan Vey & Lauren Louet L6&5
Duncan Farmer & Andrew Porter v Gilles Payet & Remi Gouriou W4&3
Dean Scoggins & Mark Lomas v  Pierre Chaudesaygues & Didier Largillier W2&1
Khalid Javed & Felix Duckworth v Alan Geslin & Alex Campi W2UP

Fourballs: PGS 3, APG 5

Nev Appleton & Ben Monro-Davies v Nicolas Doucet & Damien Houles L1DN
Dylan Dronfield & Jonny Bramley v Christophe Lassaut & Guillaume Baraise L6&4
Lee Smith & Russell Dewey v Francois Scimeca & Jean Francois Dessaint L3&2
Tim Allan & Nic Brook v Tristan Vey & Remi Meyer W1UP
Roderick Easdale & John Quinn v Francois Lanaud & Remi Gouriou W2UP
Duncan Farmer & Dean Scoggins v Gilles Payet & Didier Largillier L1DN
Felix Duckworth & Andrew Porter v Pierre Chaudesaygues & Laurent Louet W5&4
Khalid Javed & Mark Lomas v Alan Geslin & Alex Campi L3&2