PUTT IT THERE – the PGS team (minus Ian McIlgorm, who had to leave early) celebrate their victory on the 18th at Royal Portrush

Captain Jonny Bubbles Bramley led his PGS team to a thrilling Wryter Cup victory at the magnificent Royal Portrush Golf Club.

Andy Glen clinched the vital point to take us to the winning line, beating Francois Scimeca on the final green, before Khalid Javed ensured an outright victory by beating Ludovic Pont.

The PGS team, battling one of the toughest courses in the world in 50mph winds and frequent heavy showers, kept their nerve superbly over two days of slow, intense competition.

Bubbles said: “It was a privilege to captain such a great team, both on and off the course. They were simply fantastic.”

The PGS owes a huge debt of gratitude to everyone at Royal Portrush – especially ‘the boss’ Wilma Erskine – for their wonderful hospitality over the three days we were there.

The PGS now leads the annual series 14-13, having retained the trophy we won in Le Touquet last year.

Royal Portrush 2017: PGS 16½, APG 15½

Foursomes: PGS 3½, APG 4½

Jean Marc L’Henoret/Remi Gouriou v Dylan Dronfield/Ian McIlgorm W 1UP
Ludovic Pont/Alan Geslin v Jonny Bramley/Ian Woods W 2&1
Gilles Payet/Arnaud Mulpas v Tim Allan/Steve Lewis Halved
Jean Jacques Brehier/Remi Meyer v Brian Lee/Rob Hewer L 3&2
Jean Louis Aragon/Didier Largillier v Bryan Nickless/Chris Stevens W 2&1
Guillaume Michel/Frederic Stevens v Nic Brook/Paolo Minoli L 6&5
Romain Schneider/Guillaume Baraise v Andy Glen/Keith Malone L 5&4
Francois Scimeca/Damien Houles v Colin Hancock/Khalid Javed L 3&2

Fourballs: PGS 5½, APG 2½

Jean Marc L’Henoret/Alan Geslin v Ian McIlgorm/Steve Lewis W4&3
Remi Gourious/Arnaud Mulpas v Dylan Dronfield/Ian Woods Halved
Jean Louis Aragon/Jean Jacques Brehier v Jonny Bramley/Brian Lee L2&1
Gilles Payet/Didier Largillier v Tim Allan/Rob Hewer W1UP
Frederic Stevens/Remi Meyer v Nic Brook/Chris Stevens W7&6
Guillaume Michel/Romain Schneider v Bryan Nickless/Keith Malone W2&1
Ludovic Pont/Guillaume Baraise v Paolo Minoli/Khalid Javed L 2DN
Francois Scimeca/Damien Houles v Andy Glen/Colin Hancock W 4&2

Singles: PGS 7½, APG 8½

Frederic Stevens v Ian McIlgorm W4&3
Alan Geslin v Chris Stevens L4&3
Remi Meyer v Steve Lewis L5&4
Jean Marc L’Henoret v Nic Brook Halved
Arnaud Mulpas v Ian Woods W6&4
Remi Gouriou v Dylan Dronfield W4&3
Jean Louis Aragon v Jonny Bramley L3&1
Didier Langillier v Brian Lee Halved
Gilles Payet v Tim Allan W3&2
Jean Jacques Brehier v Rob Hewer L1DN
Guillaume Michel v Bryan Nickless Halved
Romain Schneider v Colin Hancock L3&2
Guillaume Baraise v Keith Malone L1DN
Francois Scimeca v Andy Glen W1UP
Damien Houles v Paolo Minoli L3&2
Ludovic Pont v Khalid Javed W1UP